Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ribbon Tree Ornament

Ribbon Tree Ornament
The inspiration for this ribbon tree ornament came from the one given to me and each member of our Tri-County Quilt Guild at our Christmas party. They were a part of our place settings and were made by committee members of the guild.

Tree Templates
Using 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of freezer paper, I drew 4 Christmas tree shapes on each sheet and ironed them onto two pieces of felt. 

2 More Sheets of Felt
I made 16 of these so the templates were saved and re-used on two more sheets of felt.

Variety of Ribbons & Widths
All my scrapbooking ribbons were laid out and the wider widths were picked for this project.

2" Cardboard Template
Found a really stiff cardboard and cut out a 2" length to use as a template to cut the ribbons to a consistent length.

Use Template to Cut 4" Length of Ribbon
Wrapped the ribbon around the 2" template to cut a 4" length of ribbon from each of the spools. 

For female guests, I picked out 15 of the most feminine ribbons and cut 5 (4") lengths of ribbons from each spool.

Cut the Felt Tree

Felt Tree
Leaving the freezer paper on the felt, a total of 16 trees were cut out.

Ribbons Pinned to Felt
The ribbons were pinned to the felt tree and an elastic string attached to the top for hanging on the Christmas Tree.

Collected in a Plastic Bin
Used one of my Nonni's Biscotti plastic trays to collect and transport the pinned felt ornaments to the sewing machine.

1st Row of Ribbons are Sewn Down

2nd Row of Ribbons Are Sewn Down

3rd Row of Ribbons Are Sewn Down
Each of the three rows of ribbons are sewn down, making sure to keep the previous row well out of the way of the sewing needle.

Silver Bell Hand Sewn to Ornament
Finally, the silver bell was hand sewn to the ornament and it was done!

Cheers, everyone!

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