Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Crafts 2012

Ping Pong Ball Snow Girl

The head of the Ping-Pong Ball Snow Girl is a ping-pong ball
The body a glittery styrofoam ball
The cap is the toe of a baby's sock with a mini pom-pom on top
The muffler/scarf is part of the same baby's sock
Plastic eyes and a piece of felt for the nose.

Candy Cane Moose

The face, ears and eyes of the Candy Cane Moose are made from felt
The nose is a mini pom-pom
The horns are constructed from a twist-tie
Mounted on a candy cane
The curved portion of which serves as a hanger.

Hanging above the fireplace
I made 6 of each
3 for the GrandBoys
2 for my hairdresser's baby girls

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